Northern Virginia Magazine – Formula Running Center opens in Clarendon this weekend

Northern Virginia Magazine – Formula Running Center opens in Clarendon this weekend

Northern Virginia Magazine’s story of our facility. You can find the original article here.


The boutique fitness center is devoted to all things running, and is equipped with top-of-the-line technology for assessment, training and recovery.

Nicole DonVito and Christopher Hoffman are opening Arlington’s first running fitness center. (Photo by Jennifer Zeleski)

“We’re not in line with Orangetheory and other places like that,” says Christopher Hoffman, co-owner of the new Formula Running Center in Clarendon, as he shows off a spacious locker room. “We’re, in a sense, more of a premium boutique studio.”

Formula Running Center is the newest boutique fitness studio to stake its claim in Northern Virginia area, focused mostly on (you guessed it!) running.

There’s a stack of white bath towels in the corner, plentiful counter space and a hair dryer plugged into the wall. Just down the hall, the facility boasts a training room with 24 Woodway treadmills, what Hoffman says are “the best treadmills in the world,” and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) equipment.

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The location will serve primarily as an indoor training facility, where runners of all levels can take one-hour classes with a variety of workouts, paces and goals. There are currently eight coaches on board to teach different classes, such as sprints and intervals, or longer, more paced runs.

Runners will be able to track their live stats on a few screens around the room, or watch and follow a HIIT workout behind the treadmills. Afterward, members can hop in the shower, get into a recovery session or simply grab a granola bar and go.

There’s also a consultation room where runners can meet with a registered dietitian, monitor their heart rates, use the VO2 max machine and get a running-gait analysis.

And there are several types of recovery equipment. Aside from the yoga room and the two locker rooms, there is access to services such as the cryotherapy machine, a sports massage room, Normatec compression therapy sleeves, a cold tub machine (which mimics ice bath recovery) and an infrared sauna.

To the common eye, it feels as if you’re standing in a spin-off of an Olympic training center. Hoffman reiterates that alongside the training facilities’ list of offerings, there will also be towel service and amenities that go the extra mile—no pun intended.

Treadmills line the walls of the training room at the Formula Running Center. (Photo by Jennifer Zeleski)

“We’re not a generalized facility. We have a specific focus,” says Hoffman. “But even though we are going to have some very seasoned runners working out here, who will be using the recovery services and stuff like that, we think the majority of people coming in here are going to be in the novice and recreational running category.”

With Arlington labeled as the fittest city in the nation earlier this year, it’s not surprising that another fitness-focused location is popping up, ready to serve a niche portion of the population. Startups like DC-based [solidcore] and national brands such Flywheel and SoulCycle have seen the fitness-loving community react well to their presence.

Despite its differences compared to other boutique studios in the area (offering more than just a daily class schedule and shower room), Hoffman and co-owner Nicole DonVito don’t want people to think of it as an elite training center just for top runners.

“We’re trying to create a community atmosphere for runners here,” says Hoffman. “Maybe your goal is to just run a mile, or maybe your goal is to run an ultra-marathon. But it has been very important to us for this facility to just be very inviting for everybody.”

In the Formula Running Center’s recovery room, guests can use the cold tub (an ice-bath simulator) and Normatec compression sleeves. (Photo by Jennifer Zeleski)

Members can also stop by to make use of the pit-stop area (indoors on weekdays, outside on weekends), where they can grab a water bottle or a Band-Aid if they need one, or can use the location as a starting point for a long run outside by storing away belongings in a locker.

When Hoffman and DonVito got into developing the space and focusing on the training, recovery, education and assessments, as Hoffman puts it, they needed to check all of the boxes for being “in the middle of the running community [in Arlington].”

The location offers everything Hoffman and DonVito wished they had in a fitness center, prior to opening it themselves. The duo met while working as attorneys in New York City (where DonVito is still located), and once Hoffman relocated back to NoVA, they decided to pursue the business venture in Arlington.

“This type of facility was something that didn’t exist,” says Hoffman. “It still, as far as I know, doesn’t exist for the average runner. You can piecemeal some of these things here and there, but putting it together for the day-to-day runner, we don’t know of another place like this.”

Cyrotherapy, a cold-therapy used for recovery, is available on-site by appointment. (Photo by Jennifer Zeleski)

Monthly memberships are available, and those without a membership can purchase credit packs, with each credit going toward a class or recovery session. Pricing ranges from $30 for a single credit to $510 for a 20-pack. Memberships start at $104 per month.

The location will have a grand opening weekend on Friday, Nov. 2 and Saturday, Nov. 3, where pre-registered and interested members can check out the space, test out a few classes and kick-start the growth of the community. Free samples from health-based brands and running companies will also be on-site.

“The fun thing here is that everyone loves to run,” says Hoffman. “It will be fun to be around people that also have that same passion.” // Formula Running Center: 3101 Wilson Blvd., Suite 100, Arlington; $30-$510

ARLNow – Arlington’s First Running Studio Opening This Weekend in Clarendon

ARLNow – Arlington’s First Running Studio Opening This Weekend in Clarendon

ARLnow’s story on our facility. You can find the original article here.


Treadmills at Formula Running Center (staff photo by Kalina Newman)

Fitness equipment at Formula Running Center (staff photo by Kalina Newman)

Cold Cold water soaking tub at Formula Running Center (staff photo by Kalina Newman)

“Arlington’s first indoor running studio is opening this weekend in Clarendon.

Formula Running Center (3101 Wilson Blvd) features coached treadmill and strength workouts for runners at all levels, in addition to runner recovery resources and private training.

The 5,000 square-foot studio, in the former American Tap Room space, plans to open its doors this Saturday and Sunday for free classes and tours of the studio, with pre-registration required.

“We wanted to make sure we weren’t just another fitness studio, and that we were going above and beyond for our athletes,” said co-owner Chris Hoffman.

Hoffman, an avid runner, founded the studio with fellow athlete Nicole DonVito with the goal of providing a one-stop training shop for area runners.

“Not only can they get these great, coached running sessions, but we’re making sure they recover properly to prevent injury,” Hoffman said. “And that’s whether they’re getting ready to run their first mile, or training for a marathon.”

Running workouts are coached on state-of-the art Woodway treadmills, with scoreboard screens throughout the studio displaying progress. Runners are encouraged to wear heart-rate monitors, which will be available for rent in the studio.

Recovery services include guided foam rolling, yoga, and stretching classes, muscle compression wraps, an infrared sauna, a cold water “ice pod,” and a cryotherapy machine, which uses localized freezing temperatures to soothe muscles.

Membership starts at $104 per month for four “credits,” with first time discounts and credit packs available. Each class and most recovery services will cost one credit, and the cryotherapy machine will be two credits.

The studio applied for a construction permit in February, per county records. It will join the ranks of nearby boutique fitness studios SoulCycle and Barry’s Bootcamp, among others, and is also just steps from the Clarendon Metro station and running store Pacers.”

Marine Corps Series Recovery Session

Marine Corps Series Recovery Session


Running in the Marine Corps Series?


The Marine Corps Series (Marathon, 50K and 10K) is here! Congratulations to those that are running and thank you to those that are supporting! We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us and use our NormaTec compression sleeves. Before you do your victory lap or go eat a celebratory burger here are some of the important details:


Formula Running Center – 3101 Wilson BLVD., Suite 100, Arlington, VA 22201


10/27/19 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Foam rolling and stretching classes will be held at 1:30 PM and 2:00 PM
Foam rolling and stretching classes are CANCELLED

You must bring your race bib (from the Marathon, 50K or the 10K) to participate!

Feel free to bring a friend but remember that you need a race bib (from the Marathon, 50K or the 10K) to participate! As a heads up, this will take place outside our facility so it is weather dependent. Please check our social media the day of the race for confirmation on the event!



Northern Virginia Magazine’s interview with our coach David Ringwood. You can find the original article here.

Indoor running and strength training studio with group classes and recovery offerings, including yoga for runners, cryotherapy, and roam rolling.

2019 Army Ten Miler Expo

2019 Army Ten Miler Expo

Photo Credit: Army Ten-Miler

Join us at the 2019 Army Ten Miler Expo


Expo – October 11, 2019 & 12,2019 – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., DC Armory 2001 E. Capitol St. SE Washington, D.C.

Race Day – 

Started in 1985, the Army Ten-Miler (ATM) takes place each October in Washington, D.C. to promote the Army, build esprit de corps, support Army fitness goals, and enhance community relations. All race proceeds benefit Soldier MWR programs.

Getting There:

Take the Blue, Orange or Silver Metro line and exit at the Stadium/Armory Station. If you drive, there is free parking in Lot 3.

Admission to the Expo is free and the public is welcome.

Make sure to stop and check out the ATM Gear Store . There are great offers on all ATM performance gear and accessories.

ATM Sponsor and Military Community Partner Exhibits
Learn more about the companies and organizations that help make the ATM a world-class event.

Note: U.S. Military,Civilians with Common Access Card (CAC) or Uniform Services ID card (USID) and Priority Club Members with Certificates are admitted early each day starting at 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Register Here!