Staff Spotlight – September – Gabby Economos

Staff Spotlight – September – Gabby Economos

We take your training and recovery at FRC seriously. That’s why we have the best team to help support you. From Olympians, professional runners, Ironman athletes and other highly experienced running and training coaches and staff members, we have the experience to empower all levels of runners to train to be their best! Our staff all shares a PASSION for running and are here to get to know you and make sure that you find your formula and achieve your goals.

Name and Nickname: Gabby Economos aka The Gabs!

Gabby has lived in Arlington, VA for all 21 years of her life, and is getting ready to graduate from Virginia Tech. She previously loved track and field in high school, but since going to college she’s found a new passion for long distance. She recently ran her first half marathon last fall, and is hoping to run her first full marathon and triathlon in 2021. Her favorite class is Formula Tread & Train, and her favorite recovery service are the Normatec compression sleeves! When asked what made her want to be a runner, she said, “My dad (Coach Jim), has always been my running-buddy and pushed me to test my limits since day one! He’s definitely my biggest supporter and I’m lucky that his drive and determination has passed down to me.” 

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Member Spotlight – September – Spencer Elmore

Member Spotlight – September – Spencer Elmore

Our members come from all walks of life and are of all strides. Our Member Spotlight is one way to get to know your fellow runners.

This month’s Member Spotlight is on Spencer Elmore:

Name and Nickname: Spencer Elmore – Nickname- Spence

Background (Age, Gender, Birthplace, and Running Experience): Background (Age (31), Gender(M), Birthplace (Allentown, PA ), and Running Experience ( Truly started running 2011 / 9 years)

What is your formula? I always try and get into Jim E’s 6am Formula run every Tuesday. His coaching is spot on for pushing your limits and to see what you can accomplish in 60 minutes. Plus, the regulars that show up are great to run with. Additionally, someone has to keep up with Ralph! Sundays with the FRC long run crew is also a great time.

Why did you start running? I started running outside of sports because of that feeling you get during a long run, that nothing else matters besides you and the trail was to good to miss out on.
Favorite quote? Listen to your body during training, push the envelope and tell your body to shut up during the race.

Favorite quote? ” The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” -H. Jackson Brown Jr

What are your hobbies? Swimming, Biking, Running, playing with my two Dalmatians.

What is your pre-race ritual (meal, sleep, general preparation, etc.)? Post-race? The night before a race, i always try and eat dinner by 4:30 pm, usually a good B.L.T or a nice Deli Sandwhich from a local shop. I always lay out my running attire the night before so i can catch the extra 10 min of sleep in the morning. Post race, is usually two options for food, Chick-fil-a or Panera Bread, followed up with soft serve ice cream.
Why did you join FRC? I joined FRC because i wanted to work on my speed and the facility looked outstanding in the online pictures.
What is your PR in your favorite distance?  My favorite distance is the half marathon. Current PR is 1:28
Do you have a favorite class/service?  My favorite class is Formula Run Tuesdays with Jim E.

Favorite workout tunes/music?  Electronic (BPM radio XM) is great to zone out too, but all out efforts Rap Hip/Hop gets the legs moving.

Do you have any races lined up in 2020? Goals for 2020? Currently for 2020, the races i have that have not been cancelled are, Souix Falls, SD half marathon, Rosaryville (trail) half marathon, High Bridge Ultra 50k, River Valley Run (trail) half marathon & JFK 50 miler. 2020 goals are to just enjoy running and the time spent at home.

What has been your favorite part of being a member at FRC? My favorite part of being a member at FRC is the camaraderie. The fellow members / instructors are all supportive and show up to class with smiles on their faces.



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