Member Spotlight – Kevin Conley

Member Spotlight – Kevin Conley

Our members come from all walks of life and are of all strides. Our Member Spotlight is one way to get to know your fellow runners.

This month’s Member Spotlight is Kevin Conley:

What are the common classes or recovery elements this member does/uses?
Tread & Train, leg sleeves, and Infrared Sauna

Why did you start running?
I got Cut from the Lacrosse team my freshman year of High School. The Track coach noticed me doing a timed mile in tryouts and asked me to come out for track one day in the lunch room when he heard that I didn’t make the team. 

Favorite quote?
“To get something you’ve never had, you need to do some things you have never done before.”

What are your hobbies?
Ice Hockey, My Dog, Biking, Travel, working on my Jeep!

Why did you join FRC?
I was taking my running to the next level and needed to also take my recovery more seriously. I also wanted to learn more about pacing and how my form can be improved or adjusted if needed. 

What is your PR in your favorite distance?
4:36 in a 1 Mile and 16:20 in a 5K, that was a long time ago though! 

Do you have a favorite class/service?
Probably the Tread and Train classes that expose me to new exercises that I wouldn’t otherwise have done.

Favorite workout tunes/music?
Anything Rap or Rock usually. Just anything to get my mood/focus up.

Do you have any races lined up in 2021? Goals for 2021?
No races lined up due to covid, but this year I “raced” or went as fast as I could for the first time in years for 1 mile with Northeast Track Club. It was a really fun experience that rekindled my desire to run.I am hoping to do this again. 

What has been your favorite part of being a member at FRC?
The community of people of all ages and backgrounds that all have the same attitude of improving themselves as athletes!




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