Our Story

FRC was built by runners that wanted to create a place to bring together the running community to train, recover and learn how to conquer personal fitness goals. This runner and endurance athlete focused facility combines performance enhancing training, high performance recovery, assessments and educational services all under one roof. In doing so, FRC strives to bring together a community of runners that can train together and support one another along their personal fitness journeys. We welcome runners of all fitness levels and strides. At FRC, all you need to bring is your grit, your determination and your positive energy – we’ll take care of the rest.



What is the Formula?

At FRC we celebrate runners of every stride and fitness level. The formula is each runner’s unique mix of training, recovery, assessment and educational services that leads them to crush their performance goals. Your formula evolves as you grow with our community and FRC will be there with you every step of the way.