For most athletes, especially newer runners and indoor runners, keeping track of your progress and seeing measurable results can be a challenge. While fitness trackers are encouraged in and out of class, you need more to help formulate a training program that’s right for you. FRC offers a variety of services to help you improve your self-awareness about your body and abilities. These assessments deliver diagnostics and metrics that can help you precisely set, measure and achieve your fitness goals.


VO₂ Max

VO2 (Volume of Oxygen) Max is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption that can be attained during the most intense exercise possible.


Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

RMR testing helps identify the minimum amount of calories that your body requires solely to maintain life sustaining functions (breathing, heartbeat, brain functions, etc.).


Body Composition

Body Composition (Body Comp) analysis takes you beyond the scale, providing a detailed breakdown of your body weight in terms of components such as fat, muscle mass and water.


Complete Running and Gait Analysis

Performed by doctors of physical therapy from MovementX who specialize in orthopedics and running, this 90-minute examination is perfect for beginners who want to ensure they’re running properly, experienced runners who want to optimize their performance, or anyone in between looking to prevent injury and correct their form.


The Perfect Shoe Fit

Wondering how to find the best pair of running shoes for your unique feet, running mechanics, and goals? The Perfect Shoe Fit is conducted by doctors of physical therapy from MovementX who specialize in orthopedics and running and will ensure you find a running shoe that fits your running style, feels comfortable and fast, and will live up to the demands you’ll have for it.


Physical Therapy Care

MovementX physical therapists are offering physical therapy evaluation and treatment sessions directly at Formula Running Center.


Nutritional Counseling

Knowing how to fuel your body is an important component to optimize overall health, wellness, and  athletic performance. Whether you’re looking for help with weight management (maintaining, gaining, or losing weight), body composition, fine tuning your nutrition for sports performance, or looking to improve your overall nutrition, our nutrition coaches can help you create sustainable eating habits to meet your needs.


Consultations with FRC Staff

Each FRC client will have the opportunity to, on a complimentary basis, meet with one of the members of our staff so that we can further explain all of the services FRC has to offer and assist you with finding the formula that’s right for you. Tell us your goals, your past experiences, any injuries you have or accommodations you may need and more. We’ll help you develop a program that’s right for you. Our consultations are completely free to anyone that joins the FRC family!