Gait Analysis

Get your walking and running mechanics assessed by a physical therapist and running expert. This treadmill-based video analysis will help you understand how to achieve proper form, improve your mechanics and personalize your training.

Complete Runner’s Assessment

This comprehensive examination is specially designed for runners. A physical therapist and running expert will assess your medical history, mobility, strength and training program. Eliminate pain, recover from injury, target stiff areas and optimize your running mechanics.

Runner’s Tune-up

Need a tune-up? Receive expert-level manual therapy, soft-tissue mobilization, joint manipulation and therapeutic exercise to restore your body’s ability to run effectively.

VO₂ Max

VO₂ (Volume of Oxygen) Max is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption that can be attained during the most intense exercise possible. This measurement is generally accepted as the best means of gauging cardiorespiratory fitness and can also be used to clarify the specific target heart rates that will enable you to reach your fitness goals more effectively.


Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing is another assessment that FRC uses to help you find your formula. RMR testing helps identify the minimum amount of calories that your body requires solely to maintain life sustaining functions (breathing, heartbeat, brain functions, etc.). Our most effective goals are set when we can identify this metric so we truly understand our base metabolism.

Body Comp

Body Composition (Body Comp) analysis takes you beyond the scale, providing a detailed breakdown of your body weight in terms of components such as fat, muscle mass and water. This information can be used to help you more effectively track your progress throughout your training.

Nutritional Counseling

Knowing how to fuel your body is an important component to optimizing athletic performance, health and wellness. Whether you’re wanting help with weight management (gaining or losing weight), wanting to fine tune your nutrition for sports performance, or looking to improve your overall nutrition, our registered dietitian can help you determine how best to nourish, fuel and hydrate your body based on your goals.

Consultations with FRC Staff

Each FRC client will have the opportunity to, on a complimentary basis, meet with one of the members of our staff so that we can further explain all of the services FRC has to offer and assist you with finding the formula that’s right for you. Tell us your goals, your past experiences, any injuries you have or accommodations you may need and more. We’ll help you develop a program that’s right for you. Our consultations are completely free to anyone that joins the FRC family! Schedule your initial consultation today!