Nutritional Counseling

Knowing how to fuel your body is an important component to optimize overall health, wellness, and  athletic performance. Whether you’re looking for help with weight management (maintaining, gaining, or losing weight), body composition, fine tuning your nutrition for sports performance, or looking to improve your overall nutrition, our nutrition coaches can help you create sustainable eating habits to meet your needs.

Under our program, you will be assigned a nutrition coach, who will make personalized recommendations based on your age, weight, height, nutritional preferences and current habits.  While changing or maintaining body composition may be the primary goal, we also want to empower you to improve your overall relationship with food and understanding of how to fuel your body adequately.

We offer the following nutritional programs to meet your needs:

  • Single nutritional counseling session – $125 (approx. 90 minutes)
  • 6-week program – $250 ($41.67/week);
  • 12-week program – $450 ($37.5/week); and
  • 24-week program – $850 ($35.42/week).

Single Nutritional Counseling Session

This session includes: 

  • Coach/client consult (discuss goals, current eating habits, and strategies for meeting your goals);
  • Body Composition analysis; and
  • Macronutrient calculation.


Try the single consult session if you:

  • Have some level of knowledge with macronutrient counting or have gone through nutrition coaching before;
  • Already have some good, healthy habits related to food; and/or
  • Are self-motivated and can hold yourself accountable throughout the process.


6-Week, 12-Week and 24-Week Nutritional Counseling Programs

Each of these programs include: 

  • Initial coach/client consult;
  • Periodic body composition analyses;
  • Macronutrient calculation with weekly adjustments (as necessary);
  • Weekly formal check-ins with nutrition coach (via email, in-person/video as necessary); and
  • Daily nutrition coaching support from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST.

These programs give you access to support from your nutrition coach, who will guide you, provide feedback and make adjustments to your regimen along the way.  

Try the 6-week program if you:

  • Want a coach to help hold you accountable for a shorter period of time;
  • Feel you may be comfortable to take on tracking macros on your own after a month and a half;
  • Have a very targeted goal with a short timeframe; and/or
  • Want to try the program without committing for an extended period of time.

Try the 12 or 24-week programs if you:

  • Want a coach to keep you accountable as you learn about nutrition and food;
  • Want to create sustainable, healthy food habits; and/or
  • Are ready to commit to changing and are looking for cost savings.

Not seeing a nutritional counseling program that fits your needs and goals?  Not a problem for our nutritional counseling team!  We can craft a safe and effective nutritional counseling program to meet almost any specific needs/goals.

If you are interested in nutritional counseling services at FRC, please click on the button below and fill out the contact information on our “Contact Us” page or simply call or email us so that we can help you choose the nutritional counseling program that is right for you today!