We take your training and recovery at FRC seriously. That’s why we have the best team to help support you. From Olympians, professional runners, Ironman athletes and other highly experienced running and training coaches, our coaches have the experience to empower all levels of runners to train to be their best! Our coaches all share a PASSION for running and are here to get to know you and make sure that you find your formula and achieve your goals.
Name and Nickname: Dave Ringwood, no nickname!
Background (Age, Gender, Birthplace, and Running Experience): 29, male, Philadelphia. Ran XC and track for Johns Hopkins University (2009-2013), Assistant Coach for XC and Track at Loyola University, Head Coach for Loyola Club Running. Still racing on the road and track!
PR’s, podium visits (any endurance sport), other relevant accomplishments: Mile: 4:21, 3k: 8:44, Two Mile: 9:19, 5k: 15:13, Marathon: 2:36:21. 2015 USATF East Region 10000m Champion, 2016 Charleston Marathon 2nd Place Overall (1st Place American).

Preferred distances or even local routes: 5k for racing! Long runs with friends and teammates, will run for as long as they want to go!

What made you want to be a runner/endurance athlete? I’ve always enjoyed pushing myself to the limit, in many areas of my life. Running provides a healthy outlet for satisfying that urge. Faster, longer, better. Every day is another opportunity for pushing those limits even further!

What gets you up every morning? What is your best motivation? To continue from my last response, recognizing that every day is an opportunity to better myself. Whether that is through an intense workout, long run, or recovery day, each day is an important piece to the puzzle. And the exciting reality is, is that the puzzle is never fully complete. Rather the picture just continues to grow!

What is your pre-race ritual (meal, sleep, general preparation, etc.)? Post-race? Pre-race: shave. I like to feel smooth and ready to fly! Post-race: time with friends. Race went well? Share that afterglow with company! Race didn’t go according to plan? Good friends help keep that mood up.
What is your favorite race? My hometown Turkey Trot (5k) in Moorestown New Jersey! The race is a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends while raising money for the high school cross country team. The race is held on my high school’s cross country course, which is a fun change of pace compared to roads and tracks. Additionally, the competition is always fast with college athletes home for the holiday.
What do you like most about coaching at FRC?I love getting the chance to work with such a diverse group of people. We have members who have raced for Ivy League universities, scaled mountains on every continent, researched human anatomy for art practices, and everything in between! I’m grateful that running is a shared interest of many, as it creates a great energy to work with each class.
What is your favorite class to coach? Formula Run Strength/Speed/Endurance days!
How has your experience been developing relationships with FRC members? I love getting to know our members on a more personal level, beyond what happens in the hour that we share during class. Getting to know what makes our members “tick” helps me as a coach to effectively motivate during class. Fun fact: we have a lot of dog lovers attend our classes… so you better believe I’m pointing out the pups that walk by our class windows! The furrier the motivation, the better!
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