We take your training and recovery at FRC seriously. That’s why we have the best team to help support you. From Olympians, professional runners, Ironman athletes and other highly experienced running and training coaches, our coaches have the experience to empower all levels of runners to train to be their best! Our coaches all share a PASSION for running and are here to get to know you and make sure that you find your formula and achieve your goals.

Jim Economos is just one of our expert coaches. He has logged more than 80 races including finishing in top spots in local triathalons, finishing multiple Ironmans, and has participated in races as far as the Tokyo Marathon.

Jim absolutely loves half marathons with his favorite being the New York City Half. He says there is nothing quite like running through Times Square with over 200,000 other runners. Jim is an early bird so you will likely catch him coaching the earlier classes, especially Formula Run. He is a phenomenal coach and great member of our team!

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