Why Formula Running Center?

What is the formula? What does it mean to find my formula?

At FRC we celebrate runners of every stride and fitness level. The formula is each runner’s unique mix of training, recovery, assessment and educational services that leads them to crush their performance goals. Your formula evolves as you grow with our community and FRC will be there with you every step of the way.

Why is this called a home for runners?

Our founders are both avid runners. As they progressed through training for various races and events and suffered their fair share of injuries and setbacks they were unable to find a place to fulfill all their training and recovery needs. This was the beginning of the FRC concept – a facility that was all encompassing. A place that was built by runners, for runners – this would be OUR home. Welcome home.

Do I have to be a runner to come here?

No! Running is about discovery – putting one foot in front of the other even if you don’t know where it leads. You may have never run a mile in your life, you may never have even gotten off the couch, or you may be from another sport completely, but everyone is encouraged to come discover their inner runner. In fact, some of our members focus exclusively on recovery. Either way, FRC is here to help you every step of the way.

Do you have a beginner’s class?

While each and every class is designed for all fitness and skill levels, we will also be offering a class for beginners. In our Formula 101 class learn the fundamentals of running mechanics, find your pace, build your base and improve your running abilities! You are also always welcome at any and all classes and we encourage you to reach out and ask our expert coaches for guidance. We will make sure to inform them if it is your first time so they can show you the ropes.

Why do I need to incorporate recovery services into my training program?

Proper recovery and wellness are essential to maintaining peak performance, staying healthy and reducing the potential for injury.  Even incorporating basic stretching techniques before and after workouts is something many athletes forgo. A complete runner knows their limits and takes a proactive approach with their self care.  At FRC we believe training and recovery are both vital elements to a successful runner’s formula.

What does it mean to be a runner?

At FRC we aim to inspire the runner in everyone. Being a runner is not about how fast you are, or how long you can run for, it is about celebrating the run and those that share in it.  All that matters is that you keep moving forward, stride by stride, and FRC and our tread empire will be there to support you every step of the way.

How is Formula Running Center different from other fitness studios?

The FRC facility and programs offer the complete set of tools to create fearless runners. Through group training classes and programs that can be modified to meet your needs, recovery, assessment and educational services, all offered within a supportive community, we aim to bring out the best runner and endurance athlete in everyone. Our offering and depth is unprecedented. We strive to provide the best the industry has to offer by way of equipment and services to help you maximize your results and stay injury free. Where else can you go to have all your needs met under one roof? Come home to FRC and we will be happy to show you how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

If I'm a runner, why do I need to strength train?

FRC strongly believes that strength training should be an important part of everyone’s formula. Strength training has been shown to help prevent or minimize injuries by strengthening muscles and joints, including in those areas of the body that, if weak, could lead to movement deficiencies and ultimately result in injury. Try the FRC T&T (Tread & Train) classes and start seeing the benefits of adding strength training to your overall workout program.

What are the benefits to becoming a member?

As a member of FRC, you will be indoctrinated into our running community. This means you will have access to the finest running equipment, training from top industry professionals, educational seminars to improve your know-how, assessment and recovery services utilized by professional athletes and challenging group training classes that can be modified to meet your needs.

Will I have a personalized experience?

Although FRC’s training classes are group based training, FRC provides you with the opportunity to meet with members of our staff to help you find your formula and create a training program that works for you! You can also take advantage of our assessment services and track your progress through the metrics provided at every group training class to further customize your experience and ensure you are staying on track. Our coaches always have an open door policy and are ready and willing to help you crush your goals. And if you do want 1:1 coaching, we offer that as well! Schedule your initial consultation today!

In the Studio

What level of intensity will each class be?

Our programming and classes are scalable so that you can attend any workout whether you are just starting out or are running an ultramarathon. We post the focus of the classes (endurance, speed, strength or a combination) for each day of the week. By their nature, certain classes, such as a speed focused class, may be more intense than an endurance focused class.  However, the intensity of each class can be controlled by you through making adjustments to your pace or the weight being used in a Formula T&T class. Our coaches can assist you with modifying a class to find the intensity that’s right for you.

How often should I come to the training classes?

We would love to see you each and every day, however, each runner is unique and how often you should attend classes will depend on your particular goals and overall fitness level.  We strive to help you find the formula that’s right for you. During your initial consultation or one of the assessment services our team can assist you with finding the mix of classes and services that is right for you.

How do I track my progress?

Put away your trapper keeper. Our industry leading tracking software helps keep monitor and record key metrics (like heart rate, distance and pace) during and after each and every class. Coupled with our fitness assessments (VO2 MAX AND RMR Testing, running gait analysis and body composition analysis) you can find your baseline metrics to help formulate a training program that’s right for you. Our aim is to show you measurable results which is a challenge many outdoor runners face. There’s no time to fumble around consolidating your paces and progress – track your progress to see how you are improving (and where you may need to focus more attention).

Can I take classes if I'm injured?

While any workout can be modified to fit your needs our biggest concern will be to get you healthy. Sometimes that means NOT working out. You may be able to utilize the recovery services to get yourself back in good health before attending class. Depending on the severity of the injury we may request you do not attend classes. Please be sure to consult with your doctor prior to taking any class or using any FRC service while injured.  If your doctor is comfortable with you proceeding, be sure to let our coaches or staff know about your injury before class or use of the service.

When should I arrive for class?

You must be physically present at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled FRC service or class or your spot may be given to a waitlisted client. For the safety of our members and the integrity of FRC classes and services, if you arrive more than 5 minutes late for an FRC class or service, you will not be allowed to participate in such FRC class or service (regardless of whether or not your spot was given to a waitlisted member).  If it is your first time we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes early so that we can provide you with a tour and show you how to work the treadmill or other equipment that you will be using for your class or service.

Why does the coach provide me with chalk before the class?

Writing goals will help provide you clarity and intention. Other than the occasional game of hopscotch and keeping your palms from getting too sweaty (looking at you Crossfitters) – writing your goals is linked to higher rates of achievement of those goals. When you get to class write your FORM:

F – First Name

O – Other information (any accommodations you may need, such as for pregnancy or injuries, or whatever else you want the coach to know)

R – Running Ability Level. Indicate which category you most closely fall into (beginner, intermediate or advanced).  This helps our coaches get a sense of everyone’s ability level.

M – Motivation. Decide your intention and let us know your goals – don’t be shy.

Writing out your FORM helps our coaches get to know you and your goals and allows them to help guide you through the workout in a more efficient manner. There is also nothing more powerful than writing a goal, highlighting your progress and watching those items come to life. When you come to class, be ready to OWN YOUR TREAD!

Can I take classes if I'm pregnant?

First and foremost, congratulations! Yes, you can take a class if you are pregnant; however, please consult with your doctor beforehand to ensure there are no individual restrictions. Please also let us know before class so we can properly accommodate you and work with you to adjust and modify your workout accordingly.

Can I leave a class early?

You can, albeit we want you to stay. You are free to leave class anytime you like for any reason. This class will be treated and charged as an attended class on your credit pack or membership.

What about Recovery and Wellness Services

What is the recovery room?

Our recovery room is located between our two locker rooms. It contains our major recovery equipment like a whole body cryotherapy unit, full spectrum infrared sauna, compression sleeves, and a cold water soaking tub. The recovery room is also equipped with entertainment and a TV so that you can relax while you recover.

Do I have to bring my own yoga mat or foam roller?

No. We will provide all the equipment you need to be successful. If you would like to bring your own yoga mat or foam roller, you are more than welcome to.

Can I use the recovery services if I'm pregnant?

First and foremost, congratulations! If you are pregnant please check with your doctor beforehand to ensure there are no individual restrictions. For your safety we expressly prohibit the use of the whole body cryotherapy unit or full spectrum infrared sauna while pregnant.

How often should I take recovery classes and use the recovery facilities?

The frequency you attend classes or use the recovery services depends on your goals and current condition. We will work with you to advise on the frequency you should be using this equipment. That being said, we highly recommend warming-up and dynamic stretching before, and foam rolling and static stretching after, every training class.

Training for our newest members

Do you offer a discount rate or special class for first timers?

We do offer a reduced package rate for our new members. The details of this and other memberships, class packs, or recovery services is available on our Pricing Page.

What if I’m not a runner?

There’s no such thing! We believe everyone has a runner within them, you just have to let her or him out! The first step is committing to incorporating running into your fitness routine. Come try our facility; it will be our honor to help you discover and unleash your inner runner!

Our classes cater to all fitness levels and paces with modifications available for intensity and strength in order to accommodate injuries or any other life events or needs. No matter what your goal is, our classes and services coupled with the FRC community will be here to support you every step of the way.  And who said you have to run on your first day anyway. You can also try one of our Formula 101 classes for beginners or sign-up for an initial consultation with a member of our staff. Our coaches have worked with novice and beginner runners all the way up to experts – you’re in good hands.

What should I do to prepare for class?

In order to be successful in class you should get yourself well hydrated, get a good night’s sleep and above all things come ready to work hard, have fun, make new friends and conquer your goals.

What if I can’t do it?

If you’ve signed up for a class, even just one, you’ve already come with intention. Intention breeds habits and habits create actions which sustain goals. You have unwavering support from the tread empire including your peers and our coaches to persevere through each and every workout. Maybe it’s not your day or maybe you’re recovering from an injury, but our support will never be contingent on your abilities! Our coaches are there to help you modify the workouts to meet your needs while keeping you challenged. We know you can do it and soon you will too!

What if I’ve never run on a treadmill before?

You are not alone! We have novice and beginner runners attend our classes all the time – some with and some without treadmill experience. Our industry leading treadmills are made so that you can comfortably use them within your first class. Our coaches will be notified that it is your first time and they’ll show you the basics before class, including how to work the treadmill and use the other equipment necessary for the class; just remember to arrive approximately 30 minutes before class starts.

How early should I arrive?

You must be physically present at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled FRC service or class or your spot may be given to a waitlisted client. For the safety of our members and the integrity of FRC classes and services, if you arrive more than 5 minutes late for an FRC class or service, you will not be allowed to participate in such FRC class or service (regardless of whether or not your spot was given to a waitlisted member).  If it is your first time we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes early so that we can provide you with a tour and show you how to work the treadmill or other equipment that you will be using for your class or service.

Can I walk?

Yes! Each runner is encouraged to go at their own pace and intensity. Sometimes this means walking and sometimes sprinting.

Other Services: Pit Stop and Events

What is the Pit Stop?

The Pit Stop is a spot to fuel up and catch up. Located in our facility past the front desk, the pit stop is designed to provide nutrition, hydration, basic running supplies and current events at the facility to our members. During the nicer months of the year we will also feature an outdoor pitstop to use as a hub for your runs. Feel free to take a complimentary snack or use the running supplies.

Is it always open?

The indoor Pit Stop is open whenever the facility is open. It is stocked daily so that members have access to fresh food, fuel and other supplies. The outdoor pit stop is more seasonal!

Do you offer corporate events and programs?

We love encouraging a healthy lifestyle and inspiring more runners. We do offer corporate programs and larger group rates. Please email us at [email protected] with your request.

Can I host a party at FRC?

Yes, we would love to host training or recovery based group events or parties at FRC. We have ample space and can accommodate a variety of ideas (mini-retreats, lunch and learns and team building activities). Please email us at [email protected] with your request.

Who can use the Pit Stop?

Any member is free to use the pit stop and its amenities. We ask that you are respectful of any items you take from the pit stop and only take what you need and that you plan on using before, during or after your current training session or run. Please do not remove pit stop items that are for future use. The items are designed for the entire FRC community to enjoy.

What is offered in the Pit Stop?

The pit stop includes a variety of items including: hydration (water, gatorade, etc.), snacks (bananas, bagels, nutrition bars, etc.), running gels, coffee and tea, first aid, kinesiology tape and a phone charging station will also be available.

If I’m running with a friend who is not a member, can they also use the Pit Stop?

The Pit Stop is provided for the benefit of our members so that they are able to refuel and have access to supplies while training. If you’re out for a run and want to stop in with a friend or running partner who is not currently a member, we’re happy to allow them to refuel in the facility (and see why they should join the FRC community). We do ask that you are respectful of any items you take from the Pit Stop and limit yourself to only what you need. The items are designed for the entire FRC community to enjoy. Any guests will be asked to sign a liability waiver before they are permitted to enter the facility.

Do you host or participate in any charity events or classes?

We are proud to be teamed up with a variety of partners that you can read more about here. We look forward to moving the community forward and encourage you to reach out at [email protected] with any requests.

Race Training Programs

What race training programs do you offer?

Running fearlessly means you’re focused on your race. We offer group training programs during the year focusing on: 5K races, half marathons and full marathons. In addition, we can prepare personalized monthly training programs or training programs for any other race distance.

Will the race program be tailored to my personal goals?

Your race. Your goal. Your results. Your formula. Everything is setup and will be geared specifically for you.

Will I have access to a coach throughout the program?

Yes! Accountability is a key tenant to success. We will be there to encourage you every step of the way. Correspondence is generally limited to email.

What if I’m slow, will I be running alone?

First of all, there is no such thing as being slow. FRC welcomes runners of all paces. No matter what your pace, you will find a running buddy and support at FRC. During our group runs our coaches will arrange pace groups to ensure no one runs alone.  We are one team and we are all in this together, mile after mile.

The Studio and Its Amenities

Do you have locker rooms with showers?

We have full locker rooms for our men and women. Locker rooms include full showers, bathrooms, and lockers with customizable codes. These locker rooms are stocked with EO essential oil shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and lotions. There is no need to bring your own lock. Lockers are for day use only.

What amenities are available in the locker rooms?

Beyond towel service, FRC is proud to be partnering with EO essential oils to provide top of the line shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and lotions. To find out more about EO essential oils and their products, please visit our Partnerships page hereOther amenities such as blow dryers, razors, mouthwash and more will also be available. 

What food do you offer before and after class?

Our Pit Stop houses basic amenities provided completely complementary to our members. This includes, but is not limited to, water, coffee, tea, snacks (bananas and nutrition bars) running gels and other supplies that you may need during a run or training session. Additional performance drinks will also be available for sale.

Is there Parking?

There is a parking garage under our building (entrance on North Herndon Street) but we do not validate. Otherwise, there is metered street parking available. Other options include rideshare, metro (Clarendon Metro Stop is across the street), scooters, biking, busses (4 ART stops and 1 WMATA stop are within a block) and of course walking/jogging/running.

Are towels available?

We have a complimentary towel service with daily laundering to provide you with the freshest towels.

What equipment do you use and what are the benefits?

FRC is committed to using some of the industry’s leading equipment and products to meet our members’ training and recovery needs. Details about the equipment utilized and partnerships created for our facility can be found here.

Is there a place where I can charge my phone?

Yes! We have charging ports near the waiting area to our main workout room. Please be mindful of your items as we take no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Do I need to bring a lock?

No! We have lockers with temporary codes that you can program with your chosen password. Lockers are for day use only.

Education 101

What educational seminars and workshops do you offer?

Our educational seminars and workshops are aimed to improve your know-how as an athlete and as a runner. You can track our events on our Events page linked here. Most seminars are free to members but occasionally there is a fee. Workshops are generally a smaller setting and are a paid event. Topics range greatly from proper running techniques, injury prevention, proper nutrition while training and much much more!. If there is something you are interested in learning more about please let us know as we may be able to accommodate your request.

Can anyone attend educational seminars and workshops or do you have to be a member?

It all depends on the specific seminar or workshop.  Some will be open to the general running community and others will be reserved for members only.  If you wish to bring a guest please let us know by emailing [email protected]

The Logistics – App and Website

What if I forget my login information?

You’ll owe us all donuts. You can get your login credentials back by using the recovery method on the login portal. You can also call us and we can guide you through getting back into the system.

Is my data secure and private?

We value transparency in our policies and your data is stored securely. We do not sell your data at any time for any purpose. We value your trust and you can read about your data security in our Privacy Policy linked here

House Rules

Do you have childcare?

We do not have childcare at this time. However, we will have group runs for parents that might be a good fit for those that have children!

When can I use my cell phone and camera?

You may not speak or text on your cell phone, or utilize any video chat application, during any training or recovery class. In addition, speaking on your cell phone, or utilizing any video chat application, is strictly prohibited in the locker rooms and other private spaces, including, without limitation, the recovery room, massage room, cryotherapy room, infrared sauna room and consultation room.  You may take photos or videos in public areas of FRC facilities (including the lobby, waiting area, “pit stop”, hallways and outdoor areas adjacent to the FRC facilities) solely for your personal use. You may not take photos or videos in FRC facilities to promote your or any third party’s business, products or services. Use of any lighting, tripods or other such equipment is prohibited. You are expected to be respectful of other clients, and you may not intentionally film another individual without their permission. If you post online or on social media a photo or video that was taken in an FRC facility and another individual appearing in that content complains, FRC reserves the right to ask you to remove the post.

Are you open on holidays?

We may be closed or have modified hours on certain holidays throughout the year.  Members will be notified of any changes to our schedule via social media, the website or email/text.

How old do I have to be to come to FRC?

We welcome runners of all levels ages 18 and above. At the discretion of FRC management, a minor aged 16-17 may participate or use FRC services with a parent or guardian present.

When can't I use my cell phone and camera?

Photography, videotaping, filming, audio recording or any other camera or recording device use is strictly prohibited in training and recovery classes, locker rooms and other private spaces, including, without limitation, the recovery room, massage room, cryotherapy room, infrared sauna room and consultation room.