I AM CEO PODCAST IAM566 – Podcast and Interview with FRC’s Co-founder Christopher Hoffman.  You can find the original article and podcast here.

Chris Hoffman, Owner and Co-founder of Formula Running Center in Arlington, VA, has always been passionate about running and endurance training. After years of training, Chris continually found himself searching for a place that provided the complete training experience for all runners, a place where runners could train together and grow. From there, Chris worked with a longtime friend and business partner, to create and cultivate the home for runners – Formula Running Center. Chris has competed in numerous marathons, running races and in a variety of triathlons as well and through his running journey he became an RRCA certified running coach and a NASM certified personal trainer.

  • CEO Hack: Book – The New Gold Standard by Joseph Michelli
  • CEO Nugget: Focus on personal relationships with clients
  • CEO Defined: Not losing sight of your team effort

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