Our members come from all walks of life and are of all strides. Our Member Spotlight is one way to get to know your fellow runners.
This month’s Member Spotlight is on Christine Tagayun (nickname: Tagz). Christine has been logging serious mileage for more than 6 years and loves the 1/2 marathon and marathon distances!

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Christine started running in 2014 during her medical residency as a way to efficiently combine exercise and stress relief.  She completed her first 1/2 marathon in 2014 (San Diego 1/2 marathon) and has never looked back.  She now has 20 1/2 marathons and 8 full marathons under her belt (awesome work Christine)!  As Christine prepares for the 2020 race season, her main training goal is to increase speed without sustaining injuries.  In terms of long-term racing goals, Christine has her sites set on becoming a Six Star Finisher as part of the Abbott Six Star Challenge and then wants to become a member of the Seven Continent’s Club! 
When Christine is not SCUBA diving all over the world, she loves taking advantage of many of FRC’s classes and services.  Christine loves the variety of classes focused on runners, and has started incorporating many of the recovery services into her training formula.  She loves Cryo! 
We wish Christine all the best as she prepares for the NYC 1/2 marathon in March, the London marathon in April and the rest of her 2020 races!  We know you wll do great, and the FRC Team is here to support you every step of the way!
If you or someone you know would like to be featured in our Member Spotlight, please email i[email protected]