Our members come from all walks of life and are of all strides. Our Member Spotlight is one way to get to know your fellow runners.

This month’s Member Spotlight is on Jenn Phillips:


Jenn Phillips born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. I moved to VA when I was 30 for a job and have been here for 10 years. Started running here, where the oxygen (got to love sea level), almost 7 years ago.  

Why did you start running?

I started running only about 7 years ago after cheering for friends at a marathon and thinking, “if all these people can finish a marathon, what is my excuse?” Watch the back of the pack at a race and I dare you to not want to run.   A dear friend was running for Team in Training (TNT) that next season and convinced me that, yes, I too, could be a runner. I ran my first half marathon in the spring of 2014 with TNT.    I caught the running bug and ran two marathons the following year (MCM and Richmond). Training for those two marathons helped me get in the best shape of my life and because I was so in tune with my body, I found my cancer in its very earliest stages. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2016.  Ironic since the first race I ran was with an organization raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (TNT). I had 2 rounds of chemo, ran a half marathon, had a couple more rounds of chemo, and then moved on with my life.  My running community and workout friends were key in getting me through that bump in the road.  Running is now a major part of my life story, and honestly, probably saved my life.

Next year will be 5 years cancer-free, so hope you all will participate in some TNT runs and events with me to celebrate!  (assuming, you know, COVID is over

What is your PR in your favorite distance? 
My favorite distance is 10 miles. PR is 1:32. I run because it is social and helps work off all the beer and delicious food I eat.  You friends, run marathons, and I will meet you at the end with a beer for all of us.
Do you have a favorite class/service?
Jim’s 6 am classes.  It is the best way to start the day!

What has been your favorite part of being a member at FRC?

I like to be surrounded by driven, motivated people. I don’t care that I am the slow kid, I just care that we all are there working hard together.   I love to be next to other members when they max out a treadmill. Studio workouts push me and it’s so nice to have a studio that focuses on running.  I think it says a lot about the studio when coaches and family members all go to each other’s classes.  When the people that work there, want to come back on their off time to just hang out with other coaches and members, that is when you know a studio is special. The sense of community at FRC is the strongest I have seen at a studio.



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