POPSUGAR – Remember These Quick Posture Tips For Your Next Run

Everyone has probably been told to “sit up straight” at least once in their lifetime. But, maintaining proper posture outside of the dinner table or work desk can often go overlooked. And posture when you run? Unless you’re a pro, you may not even think twice about it.

Runner’s World – Fix Hip Pain For Good

Your core is a complex series of deep muscles around your trunk and pelvis that provides stability when running. Weakness in this system can throw off trunk positioning, stressing the hip joint and overworking certain muscle groups, such as the hip flexors and abductors…

SHAPE: What Is the Proper Running Form, Anyway?

There’s more to mastering proper running form than meets the eye. That’s why every perfectionist who’s taken up running knows a certain type of inner monologue: ‘Should I be leaning more? Am I breathing deeply enough? How much arm swing is too much?’

Soles4Souls: How One Small Business is Engaging Customers

For many small businesses, navigating how to keep customers engaged while stores are closed has proven challenging. In Arlington, Virginia, Formula Running Center has worked hard at keeping their audience engaged while staying at home.