Formula Running Center is Not Your Average Run Club


It’s no secret that running clubs can provide an outlet, whether you’ve moved to a new city, looking to make some new friends, or searching for that push of motivation that comes with group exercise, there’s something for everyone in a running club. In 2018, Arlington was named the number one city for runners in the nation. People flock here for the proximity to Washington D.C., the gorgeous running views, and an abundance of races year-round. 


Something that many running clubs lack, however, is structure and a personalized experience. How can you create quantifiable goals and achieve them if you’re not working on a program that is built for you? Formula Running Center is not your average run club in the DMV— we’re family. Housed in a state of the art facility, FRC provides the intimate setting and community of a running club, accompanied by world class coaches (from Olympians, to professional runners, to Ironman athletes and more) that give you a tailored experience to help you reach those goals. 


Not a runner? No problem. Our coaches, programs, and members support each other to create an inclusive environment fit for any type of athlete. All-star marathoner? We’re prepared to give you that push of intensity you need to up your fitness game. We provide all the best aspects of a running club and more. 


When you walk through that door for the first time, you’ll quickly see that FRC is not just a place to get a workout in— it’s a place where you can better yourself, inside and out.  We provide all the tools you need to become the best athlete you can be, all under one roof. From assessment services to figure out your target heart rate zone to mobility classes to stretch out those sore muscles, it’s the total package. It’s not always about going all-out, every class. We put an emphasis on recovery, rest, and relaxation to treat your body like the temple that it is. 


So if you’re looking for a run club in Arlington, VA stop in and try out your first two classes/services on us— we promise you won’t regret it.