Don’t See a Package or Price Option You Like?

Although we offer a variety of packages and pricing options to suit almost everyone’s needs, if you don’t see a package you are looking for, please send us a message or speak to one of our Client Advocates and we can work on helping you find the formula that’s right for you.

The Training to Recovery Ratio

Our recommended membership packages are built with the philosophy that each athlete should strive to incorporate recovery into their overall training plan in at least a 2 to 1 ratio (training to recovery). For example, we offer a 6 credit a month membership package with the hope that at least 2 credits a month are used for recovery services.

The Credit System

We want our members to have the flexibility to find the formula that’s right for them. To make things as easy as possible to reserve classes and most recovery services, we have developed a flexible credit system.

Credits may be used for classes or recovery services as specified below. Assessment services, sports massage therapy, nutritional counseling, personal coaching and the training programs will be subject to separate pricing packages.

1 Credit

Training Classes
Yoga Classes
Stretching Classes
Infrared Sauna Sessions (45 Minutes)
Compression Sleeve Sessions (30 Minutes)
Cold Water Soaking Tub Sessions

2 Credits

Cryotherapy Sessions
Couples Infrared Sauna Session (45 Minutes)



Credits cannot be used for:

Assessment Services
Sports Massage Therapy
Nutritional Counseling
Personal Coaching
Training Programs

Membership Truly Does Have its Benefits!

Those who purchase recurring memberships also get: free open tread; 10% discount on retail, training programs and add-on services; additional credits at the per credit price for the membership package you have purchased; early access to sign-up for classes/services; quarterly body composition analysis.

Unless otherwise specified, if you have purchased a Membership and you want to buy additional credits above the amount allotted to you in your package, each additional credit is priced at the per credit price for the membership package you have purchased. For example, if you purchase the 6 credit membership package, your per credit price is $24.00. With this benefit, you will be able to purchase additional credits at $24.00.