RESILIENCY FOR RUNNERS: How to PR your next race without adding any miles

  • Are you having pain whenever you run?
  • Bored with your current training schedule?
  • Feeling Plateaued with your running progress?

For a lot of people, running is LIFE.  Whether you run for performance or you run for your health, at the end of the day running is a SPORT, and you need to train for it!

Join Dr. Mike Yasson, DPT, CSCS, ART owner of Big League Performance and Rehabilitation and physical therapist for DMV Runners and beginners for a MUST-ATTEND workshop for every runner who’s looking to improve their performance and stay free from pain!  You will also leave with increased knowledge on strength building and active recovery techniques specifically designed for runners!


In this 60 Minute interactive workshop you will learn:

  • Recovery  Strategies to minimize the stress of running on your body
  • Foundational Strength and Conditioning Techniques to build resilience in your lower body and improve your performance

There will be time for Q & A, you can email Dr. Mike with your questions or topics you would like to learn about in this class to [email protected]


Please wear athletic clothing, YOU WILL BE MOVING!


Formula Running Center – 3101 Wilson BLVD., Suite 100, Arlington, VA 22201




11:00 AM to 12:00 PM



Members/Clients: $10
Non-members/Clients: $25






ANYONE. This is not just for members. We’re opening this up to the athletic community. There are only 8 spots available in this session and they are available on a first come first serve basis so sign up now!




Big League Performance + Rehab

PT Dr. Mike Yasson


Dr. Mike is the Founder of Big League Performance + Rehab, a lifestyle therapy brand.  Growing up in New York as young kid, his life was centered around playing sports. Baseball (not lacrosse) was the sport of choice. As a pitcher for his high school team he had aspirations of playing in college and even grander dreams of playing professionally.

Those dreams all seemingly came crashing to a halt his sophomore year of high school when in the middle of throwing a bullpen session a sudden sharp pain in his  shoulder prevented him from being able to lift his arm. The result was a torn labrum in his shoulder and a future in question.

Due to the injury he missed the baseball season and had to go to physical therapy for the first time. It was then that his life changed forever.  Seeing his own physical therapist work with people such as himself getting them back to doing what they love to do was enough to set Mike off. This is when he fell in love with PT. He ame to the conclusion that if baseball wasn’t going to work out for me, physical therapy would. If I couldn’t make it, I want to help others to make it.

Thanks to his Physical Therapist, he made a triumphant return to the mound and had a successful high school career which lead to successful college baseball career at the University of Scranton while majoring in Exercise Science and later becoming a Physical Therapist.

Thanks to his time at Scranton he was able to spend 2 years working as a strength and conditioning coach in the New York Yankees organization and a spring training with the San Francisco Giants. It was during this time he was exposed to the special treatment that these professional athletes received. Whether it was the extra attention in the weight room, or the extra stretch in the training room, these players were not just another number in the system, they were treated like actual people, This is where the Big League Treatment was born! 

Physical Therapy doesn’t have to only be a reactive treatment, its something that can be done proactively.  During his time in professional baseball he not only got to work with players who were injured, but also proactively with players that wanted to stay healthy and do what they love for a long time.

From here Mike made it his mission to bring this Big League Treatment to everybody. Professional athletes shouldn’t be the only ones with access to superior care with extra attention to detail. As a result Big League Performance + Rehab was born! No matter whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or someone just trying to keep up with their kids. If you have a body, you’re an athlete and deserve to be treated like one!


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