Workout Setup
As everyone has their own unique formula and goals, we want to be transparent about the focus of our classes on a given day. Our workouts are structured so that each day of the week the classes will have a particular focus on either endurance, strength, speed or a combination. On endurance day, expect lower intensity, longer intervals, rolling hills, higher reps and shorter rest. On speed day, expect higher intensity, explosive movements with shorter intervals and longer rest. On strength day, expect high intensity with steeper inclines, lower reps, heavier weights and longer rest. On a combination day, expect a little bit of each of the above elements.

Sunday – Endurance
Monday – Endurance, Speed and Strength
Tuesday – Speed
Wednesday – Endurance, Speed and Strength
Thursday – Strength
Friday – Endurance, Speed and Strength
Saturday – Endurance

Cancellation Policy
You must cancel any FRC class at least 12 hours in advance. For additional details on our cancellation policy, please see the FRC Terms and Conditions.

Late Policy
For the safety of, and fairness to, all of our members, if you are more than 5 minutes late to any class you will not be allowed to participate. Additionally, if you are not physically present within 5 minutes prior to the start of a class we reserve the right to offer your spot to someone on the waitlist. For additional details on our late policy, please see the FRC Terms and Conditions.