We take your training and recovery at FRC seriously. That’s why we have the best team to help support you. From Olympians, professional runners, Ironman athletes and other highly experienced running and training coaches and staff members, we have the experience to empower all levels of runners to train to be their best! Our staff all shares a PASSION for running and are here to get to know you and make sure that you find your formula and achieve your goals.
Name and Nickname: Alison; Al or Alioop; NEVER ALI lol
  • Background (Age, Gender, Birthplace, and Running Experience)
    • 38, Female (she/her), Baltimore, Started running at 30 when my job put together a charity team for the Baltimore Running Festival. I was coerced into running a half marathon as my first race. It was an amazingly painful experience. Since then I’ve done a handful of halfs, 6 fulls, and one 5k. That should tell you everything you need to know about which distance I dislike the most lol
  • What is your formula? What are the common classes or recovery elements this member does/uses?
    • I love a good tread hill workout. Running outdoor hills are mentally challenging because you often see the top of the hill and wonder how you’ll ever get there. Running a timed incline on the tread takes the scary away from hill training. 
  • Why did you start running?
    • I work as a physical therapist assistant with the most amazing patients with spinal cord injuries. They never quit on themselves or on me during therapy. I started running as a fundraiser to get new equipment for our therapy gym. They motivate and inspire me more than they’ll ever know.
  • Favorite quote?
    • “There will come a day when I can no longer do this. Today is not that day”
  • What are your hobbies?
    • When I’m not running, or complaining about running, I like to bury myself in a good book, watch Disney Plus, and add dresses I’ll never buy to multiple online carts
  • What is your pre-race ritual (meal, sleep, general preparation, etc.)? Post-race? Why did you join FRC?
    • I can never sleep well the night before a race, so I try to make sure I get in good sleep during the week. I take all social media apps off my phone 3 days before to avoid distractions. I begin carb loading a few days out and keep meals the day before relatively light. I have a few “pump up songs” that I’ll play all week, I’ll take time visualizing a finish line success, and I try to do some mindless off my feet activity (like watch a movie) to take the stress off. Training is the hard part. On race day I just want to enjoy it.
    • The FRC community is extremely supportive and encouraging, and come highly recommended by runners in the area. You feel like family as soon as you walk through the door. And even though the workouts are tough, the coaches set you up for success.  Places like FRC are hard to come by
  • What is your PR in your favorite distance?
    • 4:34, Chicago marathon 2018. Not a fast time, but considering that my first marathon took almost 7 hours, and I was stuck in the 5 hour club for years, I was extremely proud of the work I did that training cycle
    • Do you have any races lined up in 2021? Goals for 2021?
      • I don’t think I’ll sign up for any races in 2021. 2020 has been such a wild year, I have no desire to add the stress of a training cycle for races that may or may not happen. My goal for 2021 is to get comfortable with consistency, get all my paces down in the 5k, 10k and half, and then race again in 2022.