We take your training and recovery at FRC seriously. That’s why we have the best team to help support you. From Olympians, professional runners, Ironman athletes and other highly experienced running and training coaches and staff members, we have the experience to empower all levels of runners to train to be their best! Our staff all shares a PASSION for running and are here to get to know you and make sure that you find your formula and achieve your goals.
Name and Nickname: Jules

Jules was born in Philadelphia, PA and has been running for around 17 years starting with Philadelphia CYO in 2nd grade all the way through college to Loyola Maryland XCTF! After playing sports as a child and realizing she had no hand-eye coordination, a friend brought Jules to their cross country practice and that is where she fell in love with running. 

You can catch Jules at Formula Run with Coach Alex, HIIT and Run with Coach Jim or Coach Ralph, and Friday Tread & Train with Coach Danielle. Jules loves to use the compression sleeves as her recovery service and recommends you ask the Client Advocate on staff to turn on Netflix for you! As a somewhat injury prone runner, Jules LOVED the idea of having running focused workout classes along with recovery services under the same roof. She says the equipment we have access to at FRC is better than some equipment she had as a D1 athlete! 

Besides running, Jules enjoys reading, playing some Pokemon Go or Among Us, and watching movies. While she doesn’t have any races on her calendar for the remainder of 2020, Jules looks forward to the day she can run her next Disney race in person. 

Make sure to say “hello” to Jules the next time you see her at the front desk! 

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