Nicole DonVito

Owner and Co-founder

Nicole DonVito, Owner and Co-founder of FRC, has always been an avid runner. She started running in middle school and just never stopped, becoming truly passionate about the sport and a believer in all the benefits running can bring not only to your physical, but your mental health!  After years of training, Nicole continually found herself searching for a place that provided the complete training experience for runners. A place where runners could train together, focus on recovery and grow. From there, Nicole worked with Chris Hoffman, her longtime friend and training partner, to create and cultivate Formula Running Center – a home for runners.

Nicole is an RRCA certified running coach and has competed in over 60 races, including 6 marathons. She is a Syracuse University alumni, a proud Aunt to two nieces and a nephew and is dedicated to ensuring FRC is a welcoming community to runners of all fitness and skill levels.

Fun Fact:
When Nicole signed-up for her first marathon, she had never run more than 5 miles. Sometimes you need to just go for it!

“In life and sports you cannot control who is the biggest, the strongest or the smartest.  The only thing you can control is your willingness to out work everyone else.” – John DonVito, Sr. (Thanks, Dad!)