Our storefront is centrally located in the heart of Arlington’s running community in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, VA (just steps from the Clarendon metro), FRC is made by runners and built for runners and endurance athletes of all strides. Training for your first 5K? Planning to crush your next marathon? New to running altogether? At FRC, our formula brings together the very best in training, high performance recovery, high-tech assessments and education all under one roof. Find your unique training formula today.


Absolutely! Whether you have never run a day in your life or you’re an ultramarathoner, FRC welcomes runners and endurance athletes of all strides to the tread empire. It is not about how fast you can run, but how hard you run and train towards your goals. Our classes and services cater to individuals of every stride with modifications available for intensity and strength in order to accommodate varying fitness levels, injuries and any other life events and needs. Just looking for recovery services? We got you recovered:)! Book an appointment now to use our state-of-the-art recovery services so that you can recover properly and continue to crush your fitness goals in a safe and effective manner! No matter what your goal is, our classes and services coupled with the FRC community will be here to support you every step of the way. Let’s do this!


Group Classes & Training

Our high intensity training classes are built for all fitness levels. Whether training with a specific goal or race in mind or just looking to get an amazing workout, FRC’s group classes and coaches will push you to your limit.


At FRC, we train hard and we recover even harder. Experience a full recovery using our high performance recovery services such as yoga for runners, foam rolling and stretching classes, cryotherapy, compression sleeves, full spectrum infrared sauna, cold water soaking tub, sports massage and more.

Fitness Assessments

The only way to break your limits is to first find out what they are. Every athlete is different – our industry leading assessment services will help you discover AND monitor the metrics that make you a better runner and endurance athlete.


Go beyond the tread and learn from our resident experts and special guests about the latest in running, sports health, nutrition and more.



I take the virtual Formula Train class every Tuesday morning with Jim. Even though I’m not in the studio, he makes me feel like I’m part of the small group training. He is also great with offering modifications if you don’t have the specific equipment at home. In addition, at the beginning of lockdown, I took some great virtual classes with Ralph before the studio reopened. He’s great at keeping you motivated! During the pandemic, it’s nice to still feel like you have a workout community, including seeing the other zoom regulars. I highly recommend this studio, whether you go in-person or virtually!
Shannon N.

I was introduced to Formula Running Center (FRC) by numerous friends and trainers, as I was looking for a new coach.  Coach Jim has provided me a training plan to increase my speed while staying healthy.  He has also provided encouragement for me to push myself harder.

Having an underlining condition (cancer), which keeps me away from the gym, FRC’s virtual workouts allow me to follow a sweat session at my own comfort and time. All I need to do is roll out of bed, set up my mat and weights, turn on the treadmill and start the workout.


FRC offers several virtual classes, so people can still maintain their fitness activities at home each day.  From high-energy sessions, such as running, HIIT sessions, yoga; and core strengthening exercises such, abs and weightlifting – there is something for everyone. 


Even though you aren’t physically sweating side-by-side on the treadmill or exercise mat with other people, working out together is still possible while in quarantine. Though you are streaming solo from the comfy vibe of your house, by virtually working out with others, you gain the experience and advantages of real-time workout sessions, with a sense of accountability.

BethAnn T.

Being able to participate in FRC's live virtual classes from home has been such a gift during the pandemic. Coach Jim makes sure that anyone participating in his classes remotely gets the guidance they need, paying attention to the camera and making sure everyone can see and properly execute each move. He also provides encouragement every step of the way. It's a seamless experience. And not only is it a great workout, it's as close to being in the class itself as you can be from your own home! I can't recommend it highly enough.
Hillary C.


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